Great geothermal poster by GRC part of an Earth Science Week 2019 toolkit

Snapshot of geothermal poster by GRC for Earth Science Week 2019
Alexander Richter 25 Jul 2019

The U.S.-based Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) has released a great geothermal energy overview poster for the Earth Science Week 2019 toolkit.

In a special alert, the American Geosciences Institute, has announced a great new Earth Science Week 2019 Toolkit – including a Geothermal Poster from the Geothermal Resources Council.

Place your advance order for an Earth Science Week 2019 Toolkit now! The toolkit contains everything you need to prepare for Earth Science Week (October 13-19, 2019), which celebrates the theme “Geoscience Is for Everyone.” This year’s toolkit includes:

  • 12-month school-year activity calendar, suitable for hanging
  • New Earth Science Week poster, including a learning activity
  • NASA posters, booklet, and ruler on Earth observation and space
  • National Park Service materials on geodiversity and geoheritage
  • Fact sheet from the Soil Science Society of America
  • Geologic Map Day poster dealing with diversity and inclusion
  • Mineral Education Coalition resource on mineral science
  • American Geophysical Union “Women & Girls in Science” poster
  • IRIS flyer dealing with seismology and earthquakes
  • AmericaView “Geoscience Is Everywhere” game poster
  • Geothermal Resources Council poster on energy science
  • Information on soil nutrients from Nutrients for Life Foundation
  • UNAVCO ruler and flyer on becoming a geoscientist
  • Landslides fact sheet from Critical Zones Observatories
  • Switch Energy Project information on energy science
  • Bureau of Land Management dinosaur coloring page
  • Climate Literacy Principles publication from NOAA
  • Water Footprint Calculator information on water science
  • AIPG, NESTA, CLEAN, AMS, EarthScope items and more

The Earth Science Week 2019 Toolkit is free and available for the cost of shipping and handling. Pay just $8.50 for the first toolkit and $2.25 for each additional toolkit in the United States.

The Earth Science Week 2019 Toolkit will ship starting in August 2019. For ordering, special shipping, bulk orders, and more information, visit Order Toolkit  or phone AGI Publications at (+1) 703-379-2480.

Source: Earth Science Week website

GRC Geothermal Poster (low resolution, pdf)