Green light for geothermal power project at Castel Giorgio, Umbria

Green light for geothermal power project at Castel Giorgio, Umbria Landscape in Umbria, Italy (source: flickr/ assillo, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 11 Oct 2021

Following various legal proceedings against the project, a final positive ruling means the planned Castel Giorgio geothermal power project in Umbria/ Italy can go ahead.

Local news report  on a final ruling of the State Council in favour of plans for the development of a geothermal power plant at Castel Giorgio, according to Diego Righini, Manager of Geotermia Italia Spa. He describes this as a win for the project which is located at Castel Giorgio, a comune in the Province of Terni in the Italian region Umbria.

“This is  not  a win for Geotermia Italia, but a win for quality, the idea of ??the company that knows how to redesign a sustainable future for our young people and for all of us”: this is Righini’s message spread through the social channels of “Associazione Zero-emission geothermal energy in Umbria and Lazio ”.

“The final and unappealable sentence of the State Council point by point makes it clear that the project is well done and very valid. The idea of ??producing electricity using, without impact of any kind, the heat that we have natural and free inside the Earth is something that our justice defends and will defend ” , added the manager of the company.

“We want this ruling to serve to give credit to all the people who believe in innovation, to create a more sustainable future”, concluded Righini.

Source: La Mia Citta