Hope that geothermal incentives will be back in Italy soon

Hope that geothermal incentives will be back in Italy soon Italian flag over Rome, Italy (source: flickr/ pocheco, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 24 Aug 2021

Italy's government indicates that the long delayed renewable energy incentives, incl. geothermal, are back and might be in place by September 2021.

Italian national newspaper La Nazione reports that things are finally moving on the long delayed incentive scheme for renewable energy deployment in Italy.

At the hearing in recent days in the Senate, the minister for ecological transition Roberto Cingolani illustrated the cornerstones of the new Integrated National Plan for Energy and Climate. With a delay of over two years, we reported, the ministry is preparing the Fer2 decree to support the so-called innovative renewables including geothermal, excluded by the Fer1 decree and waiting to be included among the renewable sources to be supported from July 2019.

This measure has been awaited by the sector for over two years, and on the issue of the decree that disappeared from the radar for 25 months, Cingolani reassured: “The adoption of the Fer2 decree is expected in September – these are the words of the minister in front of the Senate.

How much is the measure? There is an estimated budget of approximately EUR 330 million ($386 million) per year for geothermal energy, offshore wind, biomass and biogas, while currently the incentives provided by the GSE to support geothermal generation alone are around EUR 105 million ($123m) per year.

Within Fer2 there will be room for incentives for geothermal energy, both zero-emission and traditional, but with a reduction in emissions that closely concerns the type of plants that operate in Tuscany.

Source: La Nazione