Iceland’s Blue Lagoon expanding to meet growth

Blue Lagoon, Iceland (source: flickr/ Bods, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 6 May 2015

A new spa area that opens in 2017 and a new luxury hotel are opening to cope with demand for Iceland's top tourist attraction.

The Blue Lagoon is by far the largest tourist attraction in Iceland. Not only are the pictures of the spa all over in any mentioning of Iceland, but also is it a poster child of what opportunities geothermal energy could provide beyond power generation.

But with the increase in tourism in Iceland over the past few years, the Blue Lagoon now faces being a victim of its own success. It can hardly cope with the increase in visitors. So it is no surprise that it has over the years looked at ways to deal with the growth and even try to decrease visits by upping up prices.

So it comes now to no surprise that the Blue Lagoon is expanding its operations. According to their website, “In the beginning of 2016 our facility will be larger and improved at Blue Lagoon. Our guests can enjoy even more privacy when experiencing the mineral-rich geothermal seawater that regenerates every 48 hours. A new spa area that opens in 2017, built into the lava field surrounding Blue Lagoon, will connect the current lagoon and  the new luxury hotel. The hotel will have 60 rooms, meeting and conference room  and an a la carte restaurant.”

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Source: Blue Lagoon