IGC Invest highlights financing of early stage geothermal development

IGC Invest highlights financing of early stage geothermal development IGC Invest Geothermal - Frankfurt am Main/ Germany - 7 Nov. 2017
Alexander Richter 17 Oct 2017

The initial program and the speakers of IGC Invest Geothermal event to take place 7 November 2017 in Frankfurt am Main/ Germany has now been published.

The program and the speakers of IGC Invest Geothermal event is now published. Worldwide significance of financing is shown by the international speakers in the different sessions.

Over the years, the main bottleneck for geothermal project development has been the availability of financing of the early stage phase development of projects. This is therefore key issue of the first global investment conference for geothermal to take place 7 November 2017 in Frankfurt am Main/ Germany. However, financing for the early stages of geothermal project development is not the only topic and there are various other aspects being discussed.

The event has secured fantastic partners for the event, among them The World Bank, Rödl & Partner and the European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC). We are also proud to have von InfraCo Africa, as MW sponsor of the event.

The event will feature the following sessions:

  • Session I – Geothermal Finance Overview
  • Session II – Market Driving and Development Forces – EGEC Geothermal Policy Forum
  • Session III – De-Risking Geothermal Projects
  • Session IV – Early Stage & Project Financing
  • Session V – Blended Finance Round Table

In the introductory session on Geothermal Finance, the event will feature an introduction to financing geothermal projects. The session will also feature a presentation by Rödl & Partner, a key partner of the event, as well as KPMG in Iceland.

One of the crucial elements in financing geothermal projects are the forces that drive market development are incentives and other programs that trigger development of projects. These are among others feed-in tariffs, as well as funding programs, e.g. by the EBRD, KfW or the World Bank. Therefore we are very pleased to partner with EGEC on this important element in development. The specific EGEC Geothermal Policy Forum will feature speakers from the relevant ministries in Germany and Indonesia, as well as donors and private sector players, such as the CEO of Turboden Paolo Bertuzzi.

Another important topic related to early stage finance is risk mitigation and early stage financing. On the one hand there is the country risk on the other hand the geological risk. The latter will be introduced by different presentations and perspective. However, the focus will be on the early stage finance. This will be discussed in a panel among others with Climeon, KS Orka and InfraCo Africa, the MW Sponsor of the event. In this round we will also hear from developers and private equity players on their view on financing geothermal development.

From the first well to the construction of the power plant are a variety of intermediary steps and all require different steps and careful consideration in financing. Financing models for these first stages of a geothermal project development will be presented and discussed. A key speaker of this session is Hezy Ram of GreenMax Capital Advisors.

A round up discussion about blended finance, led by Amanda Lonsdale, East Africa Geothermal Facility, Adam Smith International will discuss the combination of public funding and support mechanisms with private equity investments into geothermal project development.

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