IGC Online Meeting Upper Rhine Graben, June 17, 2020

IGC Online Meeting Upper Rhine Graben, June 17, 2020 Well at Rittershoffen geothermal site in Alsace, France (source: ThinkGeoEnergy)
Alexander Richter 2 Jun 2020

The IGC Online Meeting on June 17,2020 will detail experiences of utilities operating geothermal plants and perspectives for Lithium in the Upper Rhine Graben region alongside the French-German border.

An interesting program with experienced experts active in the Upper Rhine Graben since many years will introduce the actual development in the most interesting geothermal spot in Middle Europe at the IGC Online Meeting. The IGC Online Meeting Upper Rhine Graben on June 17, 2020 takes place virtually from 14.00 to 17.30 (CET) and is supported by TRION climate and EGEC.

In the trinational Upper Rhine Region utilities are the pioneers of geothermal energy utilization. In all of the three countries bordering to this region, Switzerland, Germany and France, utilities operate successfully geothermal plants. In the North West of Switzerland the Basel utility IWB is in a partnershipwith the community of Riehen, running the heat plant since more than 25 years without any disruptions. In France Electiricté Strasbourg (ES) is involved in cooperations with EnBW for the EGS pioneer project Soultz-sous-Forêts and with Roquette Frère in the industrial heat supply for drying ostarch. In Germany EnBW is operating the combined heat and power plant in Bruchsal and the Pfalzwerke the power plant in Insheim. All utilities are involved in their geothermal projects since the beginning of the project development and operate the plants successfully with no obvious interferences.

At the IGC Online Meeting about Geothermal Energy in the Upper Rhine Graben these projects will be presentedregarding the experiences of the operators and the further perspective of geothermal energy production. Besides this, high lithium contents are getting in the focus of the existing operating plants but also giving a new economic perspective for the development of new plants. A general overview about the extracting technologies and the state of art is given by Lena Kölbel from Hydrosion. Further topics of the IGC Online Meeting Upper Rhine Graben is the monitoring of seismicity illustrated with data from Insheim, which is introduced by Ludger Küpperkoch from the IGEM in Mainz. A general overview on the potential for geothermal of the Upper Rhine Graben is given by Dr. Wolfgang Bauer from 360 plus Consult as introduction to the IGC Online Meeting.The Kick off on June 17 will be an introduction of the registered particpants to facilitate the exchange between participants and speakers and giving the possibility to connect to each other.

More information about the program you find at Here you can also register for 200 EUR. Every participant will get the chance to introduce himself and his company in 45 seconds with one slide and can contact every other particpant oft he IGC Online Meeting – for this reason the number of participants is limited to 20. More than half of the the free spaces are already occupied.

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