Imminent deadline for Startup Energy Reykjavik, Feb. 16, 2014

Startup Reykjavik Investor Day 2012 (source: Arion Bank)
Alexander Richter 14 Feb 2014

Startup Energy Reykjavik, the startup accelerator program initiated in Iceland to help entrepreneurs develop there energy focused business ideas is now close to its application deadline of February 16, 2014. So hurry to apply.


The Startup Energy Reykjavik, a startup accelerator program focused on energy market related startup ideas, is now close to its application deadline. So hurry if you still want to apply. Deadline is February 16, 2014.

We reported from the initial information meeting in January.

Founded by Icelandic national power company LandsvirkjunArion Bank, the Geothermal Energy Research Group (GEORG) and  Innovation Center Iceland in December 2013, the program is now open for applications.

The program is facilitated by Klak Innovit and Iceland Geothermal, the Cluster of the Icelandic geothermal energy sector.

Startup Energy Reykjavik is set up as a mentorship-driven seed stage investment program with focus on energy related business ideas. it runs as a 10 week long program in Reykjavik, Iceland once each year. The program is very selective on the ideas being brought forward.

Selected companies or ideas get USD 40,000 in seed funding. Startup Energy Reykjavik founders also get great place to work at Reykjavik University, ten weeks of intensive top-notch mentorship, and the chance to pitch to angel investors and venture capitalists at the end of the program. There is immeasurable value in the mentorship-driven connections and advice that participants will receive when they start their company with Startup Energy Reykjavik. The opportunity to pitch to angel investors and venture capitalists at the end of the program is provided during the Investor and Demo Day.

For details about the program via the Startup Energy Reykjavik Website