Industrial heat transition through geothermal initiative in Germany

Industrial heat transition through geothermal initiative in Germany Website of the Heat Transition through Geothermal Energy Initiative
Alexander Richter 6 Oct 2021

A recent meeting by the Germany initiative "Heat transition through geothermal energy" calls geothermal energy the world champion of efficiency among renewable energies.

Geothermal energy is Germany’s most important natural resource, so the German initiative “Heat transition through geothermal energy”, we reported.

The initiative’s participants met for the first face-to-face event since the beginning of the pandemic, planning to intensify the dialogue with cities and municipalities.

More than 15 geothermal companies, most of them municipal energy suppliers, industrial companies, research institutes, associations and service providers have joined forces in the “Heat transition through geothermal energy” initiative in 2020. The common goal is to put geothermal energy on the economic and energy policy agenda and thus advance the heating transition. Geothermal energy has the potential to become the backbone of the heating transition. In addition, the initiative describes geothermal energy as the efficiency world champion among renewable energies: one unit of electricity generates significantly more heat than any other energy source, which represents a competitive advantage for decades.

At the meeting in Passau, the city’s Lord Mayor Jürgen Dupper established a connection between the “heat transition through geothermal energy” and Passau’s integrated climate protection concept. Roland Weigert, State Secretary in the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy spoke a video message. The Bavarian state government aims to provide 25% of the heat supply from geothermal energy by 2050.

The keynote speeches dealt with the transformation of heating networks and current legal developments in the heating sector. In addition, there was a lecture on cold from heat and the safe route through a geothermal project. The latter is also outlined in a brochure that the initiative “Warming turnaround through geothermal energy” launched and with which it now wants to enter into an in-depth dialogue with cities and municipalities across Germany.

In the basic conviction of all participants, “Municipalities and companies are the drivers of the heating transition. It is crucial that investments are now made in Germany’s most important natural resource, geothermal energy. This makes a significant contribution to climate protection and creates added value in Germany. ”