Insightful geothermal heat production figures by Hungarian PannErgy

Insightful geothermal heat production figures by Hungarian PannErgy Miskolc geothermal heat plant , Hungary (source: PannErgy)
Alexander Richter 17 Jan 2021

Hungarian geothermal company PannErgy's production report for Q4 2020 and the whole year of 2020 shows the importance of Q1 and Q4 with 75% of all heat sale figures.

As part of its quarterly production reports, Hungarian geothermal heat operator and developer PannErgy Nyrt. publishes green heat sales figures of its key geothermal energy production systems in the reporting period, and presents additional useful information.

Each year, the production report for the fourth quarter is supplemented with a preliminary, quarterly heat sale plan for the following year and with the preliminary annual EBITDA plan, the values of which are either confirmed or adjusted, as appropriate, at the Company’s annual General Meeting.

The report provides great insights into the operations of a geothermal heating company that sees heat sales of Q1 and Q4 (winter/ heating season) representing around 74% of the heat sales for the whole year.

Source: PannErgy Production Report Q4 2020