Interview with Ufuk Sentürk – Chairman of JESDER, Turkey

Interview with Ufuk Sentürk – Chairman of JESDER, Turkey Ufuk ?entürk, Chairman of the Board of JESDER
Carlo Cariaga 17 May 2022

Ufuk Sentürk, Chairman of the Board of JESDER, states that many municipalities, such as Buharkent and Kuyucak Municipalities, can heat with geothermal energy.

We have previously reported that the Mayor of Buharkent in Turkey has accelerated the works for the heating of Buharkent with geothermal and the development of greenhouse cultivation in the region with the aim to heat approximately 4 thousand houses with geothermal.

With the residential heating project of Celikler Holding in Kuyucak District, geothermal residential heating came to the fore for the first time in Aydin. We are curiously watching the developments in geothermal heating in Kuyucak and Buharkent districts of Aydin.

Ufuk Sentürk, President of the Geothermal Power Plant Investors Association (JESDER), stated that the districts of Buharkent and Kuyucak are counting the days to be heated with geothermal energy and said that if the works are completed within the required time, both districts will be heated with geothermal in December. Sentürk said, “In Manisa Salihli, 7 thousand houses are heated with geothermal energy and the project for the heating of 10 thousand additional houses will be started soon.”

President Sentürk continued his words on the subject as follows: “We expect demand from municipalities for heating with geothermal energy. Our members will also evaluate these demands and do their best. However, until today, no demand has been received except for the districts we have mentioned. The center of Ala?ehir, Germencik, Efeler, Aydin can also adopt this practice. Municipalities have to cover the investment cost of this project. We announced through the press that we were waiting for the demands of the municipalities.”

Emphasizing the provision in the electricity market law and emphasizing that natural gas cannot be supplied to provinces with geothermal energy resources, the President said, “Unfortunately, this provision was ignored and most municipalities started to use natural gas. We are in favor of all municipalities that have geothermal energy to use geothermal energy. At least there are no well costs. Our investors have also declared that they will support this issue. Our districts from Germencik to Denizli, from Alasehir to the inner regions of Manisa can be heated with geothermal energy.” used the phrases.

Source: Nazilli Havadis via our Turkish language platform JeotermalHaberler