Interviews with geothermal energy pioneers in Iceland – videos embedded

Interviews with geothermal energy pioneers in Iceland – videos embedded Miki Plichta at the Hellisheidi geothermal power plant, Iceland (source: M. Plichta)
Alexander Richter 6 Feb 2018

During a visit to Iceland, Miki Plichta from Slovakia interviewed various geothermal energy pioneers. In the videos shared now he showcases the Hellisheidi geothermal plant, the Earth Kitchen in Hveragerdi, the Fridheimar greenhouses and the Secret Lagoon geothermal bath.

A while ago, and actually way too long ago, Miki Plichta contacted me on a video project of his. The young man from Slovakia interviewed remarkable pioneers working with geothermal energy power in Iceland. Discourses include the showcase of 3,000 km hot water piping system, instant boiling pot, and tasting of all year tomatoes cultivation. Interviews are held in English with tailored-made subtitles.

The author of the interviews Miki Plichta believes that energy beneath our feet needs to gain a stronger branding. He hopes that prove from geothermal Iceland could make the meaningful impact in the industrial community, especially, in his country.

Currently, Slovakia known as long-time supportive of its mining industry – is considering a coal phase-out. Read Geothermal energy could help in transition from coal in Slovakia.
However, the general public in Slovakia knows too little about geothermal power and its use. Perception of geothermal energy applications is limited to the extent of hot springs and wellness resorts. Testimony from Iceland tells a different story.

You can freely access 4 interviews and meet unquestionable pioneers in this area. Namely, the guide from Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Station, chef of Kjot & Kunst restaurant, owner of Fridheimar Farm, and founder of Secret Lagoon.

Hellisheidi Power Station | Geothermal energy Interview


Earth Kitchen | Geothermal Energy Interview


Greenhouse | Geothermal Energy Interview


Lagoon | Geothermal Energy Interview


We would like to thank Miki Plichta for his efforts to promote geothermal energy and sharing these videos with the world. To touch base with Miki, connect with him on LinkedIn via this link.

Source: Miki Plichta