Ireland sees early geothermal exploration work to analyse potential

Ireland sees early geothermal exploration work to analyse potential Shallow geothermal/ water drilling rig (source: A & E Dunne Drilling, Kildare/ Ireland)
Alexander Richter 15 Dec 2010

Supported by the Irish Sustainable Energy Authority (SEAI), SLR Consulting will do early exploration work to analyse geothermal resources and potential in Ireland.

“SLR Consulting will analyse deep geothermal resources in the Republic of Ireland with support from the Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI)”, so news from Ireland.

According to the piece, “The project is designed to advance the exploitation of geothermal energy to generate renewable electricity. SLR will carry out a Play Fairway Analysis which will assess the geothermal exploration risk by analysing the various attributes of the subsurface of Ireland to a depth of 5000 m.

SEAI, Head of Low Carbon Technologies, Katrina Polaski, says: “The results from SLR Consulting’s Play Fairway Analysis will encourage more exploration companies to get involved, increasing investment in exploration and the likelihood of success in the development of geothermally generated electricity in Ireland.”

SLR Associate Roisin Goodman adds: “SLR has in-depth local understanding of Irelands’ deep geology based on mineral exploration and geothermal research and provides strategic all-island energy studies for governments in Northern and Southern Ireland.”

The contract has been funded by SEAI under its Renewable energy Research, Development & Demonstration Programme, the National Development Plan (of Ireland) and the European Union.”

Source: Renewable Energy Focus