IRENA: geothermal needs to grow by factor of 9 to make real impact

Screenshot of Geothermal Plant Map within IRENA's Global Atlas
Francisco Rojas 11 Jun 2014

The report aims to show a 36% share of renewables in the energy mix by 2030 is feasible, affordable and will mitigate climate change risks – keeping carbon pollution below 450ppm to keep within a ‘safe’ 2 degrees Celsius rise in global temperatures.

The REmap 2013 report aims at providing more information on the importance to switch to renewables not only for the obvious benefits to curtail global warming but also because it is feasible to obtain at least a 36% share of such energy sources by the year 2030.

According to the news piece, Dolf Gielen, director of IRENA’s innovation and technology centre said, the world is “not on that path” to increasing renewables yet. “All governments need to step up their efforts. We need to act now,” said Gielen.

The key to deploying enough renewables quick enough said Gielen, is to focus on five points: “planning realistic but ambitious transition pathways; creating enabling business environments; managing knowledge of technology options and their deployment; ensuring smooth integration of renewables into the existing infrastructure; and unleashing innovation.”

The use of green, renewable energy not only can assist in preventing a fatal warning but also reduce the effects of pollution in humans, ultimately saving in health costs by reducing health hazards.

Source: PV Tech Website