Isagen preparing exploratory drilling for project in Colombia

Isagen preparing exploratory drilling for project in Colombia Parque Natural Nacional Los Nevados, Colombia (source: flickr/ Triangulo del Café, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 14 May 2013

Energy company Isagen is preparing exploratory drilling for a geothermal power project near Los Nevados National Park, in Villamaría/ Caldas, Colombia.

Colombian company Isagen is preparing exploratory drilling to confirm the viability of a potential geothermal power project in the municipality of Villamaría, in the department of Caldas, Colombia.

The company is currently analyzing two projects, the Villamaría project and – as previously reported the Tufiño-Chiles-Cerro Black project on the border with Ecuador.

Isagen is focused on the generation of electrical power and development of projects in geothermal energy and wind. The company is now preparing to drill the first of five exploratory wells near Los Nevados National Park.

“We hope that the exploration can begin this year. However, we are awaiting an environmental permit, “said Luis Fernando Rico, President of Isagen, who also explained that this stage of drilling does not guarantee the construction of the plant, it must first look at whether or not natural resources for its functioning.

“After that start the holes have to see if the resource is located. We can not speak of a specific date of implementation of the project, because you have to find the resource, value it, and that’s part of the development process of such projects. “

The company has secured funding through an agreement with IDB in 2011 for $2.7 million for the construction of Colombia’s first geothermal power plant.

Source:, via Piensa En Geotermia