Japan and JICA supporting GDC in development activities

Japan and JICA supporting GDC in development activities Drilling crew at Menengai, Kenya (source: flickr/ GDC5000)
Alexander Richter 25 Feb 2014

Japanese geothermal experts and JICA are supporting GDC in Kenya on capacity building and on the developing of a Master Plan for its geothermal development.

As part of a project that is supposed to strengthen capacity of Kenyans for geothermal development, a team of experts from Japan is currently in Kenya visiting the Menengai geothermal project sites.

The Project for Capacity Strengthening for Geothermal Development in Kenya was launched in September 2013 with funding of Sh 1.6 billion ($18.9 million).

“It will train GDC on drilling techniques, reservoir evaluation, and project management among other aspects that will contribute to GDC’s accelerated geothermal development in Menengai, Suswa, etc. It is expected that the trained staff will train future staff in GDC, Kenya and the region. This is a crucial step forward for Kenya, since energy generation and distribution of 23,000MW is listed as one of the enablers towards achieving Kenya’s Vision 2030.

Simultaneously, JICA will support GDC in developing a Master-plan for its geothermal development. A mission from Japan has arrived to discuss with relevant stakeholders on the details of the scope of this Master-plan. The purpose of the meeting is therefore to kick-off the Capacity Strengthening Project as well as to outline the future Master Plan Project that are expected to enhance and accelerate geothermal power generation in the country.”

Source: Standard Digital