JICA names top geothermal prospects in Peru

JICA names top geothermal prospects in Peru Geothermal sampling at Pinaya springs, Chocopata, Peru (source: flick/ GRC, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 17 Jul 2013

A recent study by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) names 3 Hot Rock Ltd. geothermal projects among its top 4 geothermal prospects in the country of Peru.

In a release last week, Australian geothermal developer Hot Rock Limited (HRL) reported that Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) recently completed a nationwide geothermal power development plan for Peru to promote and accelerate geothermal generation in that country.

The JICA Master Plan report covers: Appraisal of geothermal resource potential in promising fields; assessment of future demand for power in Peru; and A detailed review and assessment of the current legal and policy frameworks that have been established to allow geothermal energy to be explored and developed by the private sector.

The report’s recommendations are aimed at promoting geothermal developments in Peru through the establishment of appropriate national policies.

JICA and INGEMMET, the geological survey of Peru, identified 61 geothermal fields in Peru of which 34 have one or more hot springs with discharge temperatures of greater than 60o C.

In prioritizing the 61 geothermal fields, JICA assessed the geothermal resource potential, ease of access and those projects that occur outside protected areas that would require detailed EIS studies.

JICA ranked nine of the most promising geothermal fields based on geological, geochemical and resource studies as having considerable early development potential for private development. Of the these nine fields, HRL has three out of the top four listed in the JICA report, based on estimated possible power generation capacity.

For the full details see link to the Hot Rock statement below.

Source: Hot Rock Ltd. release (pdf)