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Alexander Richter 25 Apr 2022

Geothermal technology startup Eden GeoPower is seeking to hire an Exploration Geocientist to lead geothermal exploration and consulting projects.

Geothermal energy startup Eden GeoPower Inc. (Eden) is seeking to fill a position of an Exploration Geoscientist – Geothermal.

Eden GeoPower is developing electro-hydraulic fracturing technologies to increase the recovery of subsurface resources. Our goal is to develop sustainable electric stimulation methods to decrease water use, underground water contamination, wastewater production, air pollution, and induced seismicity associated with current hydraulic stimulation methods. To date, the company has secured funding from the United States National Science Foundation, MIT, MassCEC, Ameren, United States Department of Energy – ARPA-E, Good Growth Capital, and other venture capital and industry investors.

Position Overview:

The company is looking for a full-time sharp, motivated and creative exploration geologist for geothermal with an entrepreneurial spirit to join our team and lead geothermal exploration and consulting projects. The role will require knowledge of geothermal systems (hydrothermal and EGS), exploration, structural geology, fluid flow, geothermal modelling, and well planning. Below are the list of duties, qualifications, and skills for the role.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Lead geothermal exploration assessment projects for our international client
  • Prepare and present project updates, technical presentations, and reports for the client
  • Evaluate all geothermal exploration data including geochemical data, petrochemical data, geophysical surveys temperature gradient, test drilling, and production data
  • Planning and interpretation of geophysical surveys, seismic and magnetotulloric data Calculate resource capacity
  • Build integrated geothermal conceptual models (2D and 3D) with geologic, geochemical, geophysical, and well data in reservoir modeling platform, Leapfrog or similar
  • Field mapping 1-2 weeks at a time
  • Reviewing and organizing existing datasets, maintaining database of exploration data
  • Mapping of the geologic framework, fault mapping, and alteration
  • Constructing cross-sections of different geological scenarios
  • Oversee well testing, interpret the results, and integrate data into reservoir models
  • Borehole image log and petrophysical log analysis
  • On-site drilling support for drill cutting analysis
  • Identify and communicate geologic risk and uncertainty, generate mitigation plans, planning
  • Analytically and numerically model how our stimulation technology works at the field scales, evaluate the effectiveness of permeability enhancement, define effectiveness based on the ratio of energy used in our stimulation vs. the energy extracted from the geothermal resource
  • Assist in building the company’s geothermal capabilities. Develop hiring strategies, identify key positions/roles for hiring, assist in interview, hiring decisions
  • Prepare governmental reports, funding proposals, presentations, etc.

Requirements & Qualifications

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving capabilities with the ability to make technically and economically sound recommendations with incomplete information
  • Strong knowledge of geothermal systems and geothermal exploration best practices
  • Understanding of geophysical measurements and experience interpreting geophysical surveys
  • Knowledge of structural geology and structural mapping
  • Experience interpreting well logs
  • Experience interpreting geochemical and petrophysical datasets for geothermal exploration
  • Ability to build integrated geological models with well data, structural data, geochemical, geophysical, and temperature data
  • Experienced or proficient in geological modeling platforms, LeapFrog or similar
  • Experience targeting temperature gradient and slim hole test, evaluating well tests for geothermal resource potential
  • Geothermal resource assessment and power or thermal capacity estimation

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Source: Eden GeoPower