Job – Geothermal Plant Owner Rep., Salton Sea, California

Job – Geothermal Plant Owner Rep., Salton Sea, California Soda Lake geothermal power plant, Nevada (source: Cyrq Energy)
Alexander Richter 28 Jul 2021

Cyrq Energy is seeking to hire a Geothermal Power Plant Owner Representative for its operation in the Salton Sea Field in California, U.S.

U.S. geothermal developer and operator Cyrq Energy is seeking to fill the position of Geothermal Plant Owner Representative – Salton Sea Field, California – 401 W 5 th Street, Holtville, CA 922250.

The job is to represent Cyrq Energy as Owners Representative at the plant, working with Operations and Maintenance contractor on plant issues, engineering, wellfield management, safety and reporting.

Cyrq Energy – Who We Are and What We Need

Enabling a future world powered by clean energy, requires resources that can provide electricity reliably around the clock and that solution is available today from geothermal energy. While batteries and other storage technologies hold the promise to fill gaps from intermittent wind and solar energy sources, geothermal energy is already providing electricity 24*7*365.

We founded Cyrq Energy (“Cyrq”) in 2011 and have been providing electricity generated by geothermal energy for the past decade to a number of forward-thinking clients across several Western U.S. states. We’re doing our part to transition the grid from relying on hydrocarbon-based energy to a clean, green energy future. And, we expect to grow significantly over the next 10 years.

At Cyrq, we’ve acquired underperforming assets and turned them around to operate effectively and efficiently and we’ve developed our own geothermal and solar assets. Today, we own, operate, and manage a fleet of 6 geothermal energy projects and 1 large solar energy project co-located at one of our sites in Nevada.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Drive safety performance and culture with plant manager and all plant personnel. Instill employee safety mindset that results in a safety culture and an injury free work environment.
  • Provide leadership and direction to the management team to ensure the organization’s strategic plan is translated into tactical goals and objectives that guarantee performance objectives are met or exceeded.
  • Establish and maintain productive relationships with O&M Contractor and plant personnel. Represent the Company in the community.
  • Assessment of the ongoing Operations and Maintenance of the power plant. This will include collection of data site evaluations, personnel evaluations, operating and production data, and plant management evaluations.
  • Works closely with plant management to ensure operations and management are conducted per Owner’s policies, within project budget.
  • Works closely with wellfield Operations and contractors on drilling, well clean outs, logging and other geothermal well activities.
  • Serve as conduit to Owner’s corporate management team in SLC.
  • Assists plant staff and consultants with preparation of monthly and quarterly reports.
  • Monitoring generation, revenue, and costs of operations, along with corresponding forecasts.
  • Assists with data transfer and analysis between plant and owner.
  • Conducts a critical review of all project documentation to ensure the plant and wellfield are run safely, all scopes of work are properly documented, understood, and followed.
  • Acts on the Owner’s behalf in all matters of Operations and Maintenance with a focus on cost tracking and reporting, maintaining agreed upon levels of quality, and ensuring the plant runs on budget.
  • Regularly monitors the forecasts and schedule and reports on potential variances between schedule and completion dates and make adjustments to schedule and meet completion date.
  • Recommends action when the requirements of the plant are not being fulfilled. Meet regularly with the Owners to give executive briefs/plant status reports, monitor actual costs, anticipated final costs, update cost flow reports and forecasts, mange job changes, and hold final budgets/costs.

Minimum Education, Experience & Qualifications:

  • 10+ years’ experience with utility scale power plant and project management
  • Ability to coordinate several projects and workstreams in various stages at the same time
  • Experience directly related to power plants or drilling industry, preferably geothermal
  • Engineering license is a positive.
  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration or related field, and/or engineering degree in power plant related discipline (mechanical, electrical, or chemical)

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