Job – Junior Scientist Geothermal Production, TNO, Delft/ NL

Job – Junior Scientist Geothermal Production, TNO, Delft/ NL City view, Delft, Netherlands (source: flickr/ bert knottenbeld, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 27 Mar 2021

TNO in the Netherlands is seeking applicants for the position of Junior Scientist for Geothermal Production in Delft.

TNO in the Netherlands is seeking to fill the position of a  junior geothermal production scientist to work on projects in the field of monitoring and optimization of sustainable heat production from geothermal systems in the built environment. The work will contain mainly in modelling the fluid flow phenomena and flow assurance of geothermal wells. Furthermore the candidate will work on flow control based on physical modelling and machine learning. The candidate will have a close contact with clients to improve reliability and efficiency of their production systems. The work will strongly link to the ambition of TNO to contribute to the energy transition.


In this role it is important that you are capable to tackle complex flow problems and understand the interest of your client. The projects you work on contain multiple disciplines that require a broad knowledge base and good communication skills with other experts around you. You identify yourself as a team player and enjoy working in multi-disciplinary teams.

In your role as a geothermal production scientist you can identify yourself in the following profile:

  • You have a Master (MSc) degree in preferably: Applied physics, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering or Energy technology.
  • Experience with software development in Matlab and/or Python is required.
  • Experience with machine learning and flow control is an advantage
  • You enjoy and have the ability to troubleshoot complex problems in which you are capable to problem-solve on own initiative and together in a team. You have attention for details.
  • Having a network in geothermal energy is a strong advantage.

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Source: Indeed