Job Position: Geothermal Drilling Team Leader, Jacobs, NZ

Geothermal drilling at Te Mihi west of Wairakei, New Zealand. Source: Rjglewis, Commons/ Wikimedia
Alexander Richter 25 Sep 2015

Jacobs seeks to fill the position of a Geothermal Drilling Team Leader with its Geothermal Centre of Excellence in Auckland, New Zealand.

Jacobs is looking to fill the full time position of “Geothermal Drilling Team Leader” with Jacobs’ Geothermal Centre of Excellence, based in Auckland, New Zealand.

This is a rear opportunity to work with and lead a highly renowned team of geothermal specialists with a global reputation in supporting the exploration and development process for geothermal projects worldwide.

Working with clients across the globe from Asia to Africa and Latin America to the U.S., this role will provide the platform to grow an international reputation and enhance current skills and knowledge base.


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Source: Company promotion during the GRC/ GEA events this week