Kalahari Energy enters MOU on geothermal exploration rights in Zambia

Kalahari Energy enters MOU on geothermal exploration rights in Zambia Shiwa Hot Springs, Shiwa Ng'andu, Northern Province of Zambia (source: flickr/ schmuntza, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 8 Apr 2011

Kalahari Energy is looking at geothermal energy exploration in Zambia and has announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding on geothermal development. The company is also looking at other African countries for exploration.

Reported this morning, “Kalahari Energy Ltd has entered a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Zambian Government for geothermal energy exploration rights to “certain identified targets”.

Current electricity supply comes mostly from hydro power, but an expected increase in demand is forcing the country to look at other potential energy sources in Zambia.

The company announces, that it “aims to test, develop and use geothermal power in Zambia and other African countries.”

In 2011 Kalahari Energy will: Complete hydrochemistry sampling of the identified targets; Complete a remote sensing programme; Conduct geophysics programmes at more prospective targets – with the possibility of preliminary shallow drilling in 2012.

Peter Vivian-Neal, CEO of Kalahari Energy, says: “As has been established by historic work, Zambia is prospective for geothermal energy. The company is applying current exploration techniques, which taken with technological advances, are likely to result in a greater understanding of the nature of the previously identified geothermal reservoirs, and provide better prospects for their commercial utilisation as an energy source.”

Kalahari Energy is a Botswana based company exploring geothermal and coal bed methane (CBM) gas assets in Botswana and other African countries. There also seems to be a connection with Australian Earth Heat Resources based on news from August 2010.

Source: Renewable Energy Focus