KenGen spa now looks at greenhouse operations

KenGen spa now looks at greenhouse operations Hell's Gate National Park, Naivasha, Kenya. (Source: Flickr, CC, By: ninara)
Francisco Rojas 10 Jul 2015

KenGen plans to use the brine from geothermal power plants to set up a vegetable farm near Hell's Gate national park in Kenya.

It is well know that geothermal plants can sometimes reuse their water and brine for other purposes, like creating a spa. The best example of this is the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, a multi million business that enjoys worldwide popularity.

On similar fashion, “KenGen geothermal recreational health spa is the first natural spa in Africa, powered directly by energy from the ground. Gaining fame in the past five years due to its medicinal value, hundreds of tourists visit the centre every week. The facility was set up because the company’s geothermal plants are located in the Hell’s Gate national park, which are a major tourist’s attraction and also the easy access to the spa from Nairobi city” according to Soko.

This is a very good way of making better use of a byproduct of the geothermal power stations nearby but also, KenGen is looking into diversifying the waters once more. Soko states that “the company is planning to set up a vegetable farm that will help to show farmers how to use brine to increase their yield.” This is both beneficial for the community and acts as a great example of how geothermal can be used for varied purposes beyond energy generation.

Source: Soko Directory