Kenya outpaces its African neighbours in energy development

GDC drilling site at the Menengai crater, Kenya (source:
Francisco Rojas 28 Jul 2015

Geothermal has been the main driver of Kenyan energy development in recent years and will likely remain so in the foreseeable future.

Local Kenyan news reflect on the inspiring path that the country is taking thanks to renewable energy development, namely geothermal.

According to these sources, a global status report shows that “Kenya increased its green energy output by 358 megawatts, doubling its stock to about 600 megawatts last year.”

“Many developing countries are under pressure to rapidly increase energy generation capacities to address growing demand, to meet energy access challenges, and to foster economic development,” was also stated in the report.

Even foreign superpowers have taken an interest in the industry. The US President, Barrack Obama pledged a $7 billion investment plant to foster better energy access across the African continent,  called the “Africa Power initiative” during a recent tour. Obama is expected to also visit Kenya where renewable energy will play a central role.

Kenya still has vast amounts of untapped geothermal and other renewable energy potential that will likely play a paramount role in the nations future.

Source: The Star via All Africa