Kipas Holding among the top three geothermal operators in Turkey

Geothermal plant by Maren, Turkey (source: Kipas Holding)
Alexander Richter 30 Mar 2020

Maren Maras Elektrik Üretim and KEN Kipas Elektrik Üretim under umbrella of Kipas Holding is among the top 3 geothermal operators by installed capacity in the annual list of the top 100 energy operators in Turkey.

Maren Maras Elektrik Üretim and KEN Kipas Elektrik Üretim under umbrella of Kipas Holding ranked in the top three within Turkey’s energy production firms.

In its new MW100 report international consulting firm Kearney and the Energy Diary on Turkey’s top 100 electricity generating companies.

As reported Kipas Holding (via its companies Maren Geothermal Power Plant and Ken Kipas Electricity Generation) with its total of 199 MW production capacity as of December 31, 2019, ranked third place among other companies engaged in geothermal power production.

In the statement made by the management of Kipas Holding, “Kipas Holding attaches importance to working and producing even in the most difficult days of our country. We believe that even the smallest contribution we have provided to our country’s economy in these difficult days of our country …”

“… While meeting the energy needs of our country, we prefer renewable energy productions that are not harmful to nature and the environment. Geothermal energy is a renewable, sustainable and inexhaustible energy source; lucky to constitute a resource for countries such as Turkey in terms of geothermal energy; clean and environmentally friendly; it causes nearly zero emission since the combustion technology is not used; It has many advantages such as being used for multi-purpose heating applications in residences, agriculture, industry, greenhouse heating and similar areas. We act with this awareness and continue to contribute to our country,” it was said.”

The report lists the top geothermal power operators (within the Top 100 energy companies) by installed capacity at the end of 2019 as follows:

  1. Zorlu Enerji – 305 MW
  2. Güris Holding – 210 MW
  3. Kipas Holding (Maren Maras and Ken Kipas) – 199 MW
  4. Celikler Holding – 154 MW
  5. Türkerler Holding – 71 MW
  6. MB Holding – 68 MW
  7. Soyak Enerji – 61 MW
  8. Karadeniz Holding – 24 MW
  9. RWE-Turcas – 18 MW
  10. Limak Enerji – 15 MW
  11. Sanko Enerji – 15 MW
  12. Aydem Enerji – 7 MW

Source: Haberler via JeotermalHaberler