Lacking tempo of geothermal development in Aargau, Swiss

Lacking tempo of geothermal development in Aargau, Swiss Flag thrower, Switzerland (source: flckr/ Jessica Gardner, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 11 Apr 2021

Increasing criticism on lack of interest and progress on real geothermal development by the large energy firms in the canton of Aargau, Switzerland.

The Swiss canton of Aargau would be geologically well suited for the use of deep geothermal energy. But there is increasing criticism on the insufficient interest and speed on geothermal development, also from politicians on the lack of progress

As reported by the Swiss radio station SRF, the large electricity companies in Aargau are still not planning any projects for geothermal power plants. The region is very well suited, as numerous thermal springs prove. Criticism of the lack of pace is now also coming from the bourgeoisie.

Aargau electricity companies have no current geothermal projects in their portfolio

First of all, there is the electricity company Axpo, one of the largest electricity companies in Switzerland, in which the canton of Aargau – directly and indirectly – owns a third. The group is currently not pursuing any geothermal project in Switzerland because it judges the feasibility to be extremely difficult. Axpo actually was involved in the geothermal project of Taufkirchen in Germany, yet disposed of its holding.

It is no different at the energy service company AEW Energie AG. This is even 100 percent owned by the Canton of Aargau. In the radio report, CEO Dr. Hubert Zimmermann speaks of the “research stage” and that at the moment there is no concrete project at the start, but that “new findings” will continue to be seen.

In both companies, the technical problems of geothermal power generation are still seen as too great, as are the financial risks, the moderator summarizes the position of the groups.

Unfamiliar criticism

Criticism of the behavior of the electricity companies usually comes from ecologically oriented parties or groups. In the radio report, however, National Councilor Matthias Jauslin of the Swiss FDP criticized the lack of commitment. “If the big players hold back, of course nothing happens,” he says. With the geothermal power plants association Aargau he has now made an advance in the Grand Council.

“Why are the state electricity producers not making progress with the geothermal power plants?” Said the request to the Aargau government. A reaction is still a long time coming …

Source:SRF via  our German partner TiefeGeothermie