Large transmission plan in state of Nevada could push solar and geothermal development

High voltage transmission lines, Primm Valley, Nevada (source: flickr/ Stephen Hill, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 23 Jul 2020

The largest utility in the State of Nevada, NV Energy announces plans for large transmission project that could help spur solar and geothermal development in the state.

The largest utility in the State of Nevada in the United States has announced plans for investment of up to $2 billion for the construction of two major transmission lines.

As reported by Las Vegas Review Journal, the project would take 11 years and advance clean-energy policy objectives of lawmakers in Nevada.

The planned transmission lines stretch hundred of miles and called Greenlink Nevada emphasises the role it could play to increase renewable energy being brought into the state and out of it.

“This project really has the potential to reshape the energy landscape here in Nevada and to really position Nevada to be an energy leader in the West,” so NV Energy President and CEO Doug Cannon.

With a northern and southern 525 kv line go through zones with large solar and geothermal zones. With that geothermal development could be made attractive alongside the northern line planned.

Source: Review Journal