Largest landowner in Hawaii looks at geothermal development

Gate to Parker Ranch, Hawaii (source: flickr/ TomBenedict, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 11 Dec 2013

The largest private landowner of Hawaii, Parker Ranch, is exploring the geothermal potential on its land for possible energy development, thereby helping the state of Hawaii reach its renewable energy goals.

With various news on Hawaii and its efforts to utilize its geothermal resources, beyond the only plant  on the Big Island, there are now news on a potential new party that could look into geothermal development.

The largest private landowner in Hawaii, Parker Ranch, is seeing an opportunity to develop geothermal resources on its property. Following a study by the University of Hawaii, the land of Waimea Ranch might have a potential for geothermal.

The ranch is accommodating cattle operations on more than 100,000 acres. Parker Ranch has now partnered with the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology of the University of Hawaii on an ongoing study on geothermal resources in the state.

The studies are to determine if there are geothermal resources beneath the lands of Parker Ranch and if it would be economically to utilize it. It is expected that the work will take between 12 to 18 months.

The ranch, so the news from Hawaii, is currently looking at a new strategy that includes energy development. This could include wind, biomass, biofuel, solar and pumped-storage hydro-electric power, but also geothermal.

Source: Pacific Business News