Lease approved for up to 250 MW development at Salton Sea

Lease approved for up to 250 MW development at Salton Sea Hudson Ranch I geothermal power plant, January 2012, Salton Sea, California/ U.S. (source: EnergySource)
Alexander Richter 16 Mar 2016

An Australian firm received approval for a geothermal lease in the Salton Sea in California with a potential development of 250 MW and up to 375 MW in future stages.

In a decision by the Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors, a lease agreement for a new geothermal lease has been approved.

The lease was approved for Australian Controlled Thermal Resources, that is planning a geothermal power project with 250 MW power generation capacity at the Salton Sea in California.

The company assumes a potential expansion to up to 375 MW in the future. Drilling for the project could commence late this year with a possible operation start in 2020.

Controlled Thermal Resource’s CEO, Rod Colwell praised the action saying the agreement with the Imperial Irrigation District signals a new era for geothermal energy production in the region.  Under the agreement, Controlled Thermal Resources will lease approximately 1,880 acres of district-owned land for as many as 50 years, assuming specific development milestones are met. In return, the district will receive rent and generation royalties.

“We will be developing the world’s first technology to provide utility grade energy that is clean, safe and economically viable, with or without government incentives or subsidies,” Colwell said. “With the world’s focus now firmly set on renewable energy targets, projects like this one are imperative.”

Source: Imperial Valley Weekly