Legislators free way for ENAP to develop power projects in Chile

Legislators free way for ENAP to develop power projects in Chile Drilling Rig at Puchuldiza, Chile (source: GeoGlobal Energy)
Alexander Richter 30 Sep 2015

Legislators in Chile voted for Chile's National Petroleum company ENAP to become an power generator and develop projects in partnership with private players.

The Senate passed this afternoon general Bill that allows Empresa Nacional del Petróleo (ENAP) enter the category of power generation target set by the Government for the state as part of the Agenda for Energy, in order to increase competition in this area.

By 22 votes, the Senate gave the green light to the project which enables ENAP to develop generation projects, always in partnership with a private.

The chief executive of ENAP, Marcelo Tokman, expressed satisfaction with the vote that took place in Parliament, saying “This result will allow a public company like ENAP introduce more competition in the electricity sector, bringing new players and making viable projects to diversify the energy matrix, with clean, safe and reliable energy. ”

The chief executive of state said they would closely monitor the discussion in the next procedure because, “we want to work with new energy and continue to fulfill a strategic role in the development and competitiveness of the sector and our country, as We did bringing LNG to Chile, as we are doing with the start of construction of the first geothermal project as we have always done, ensuring the supply of fuel that the country needs. ”

After the vote, the legislative initiative will be reviewed particularly in the Mining and Energy Commission of the Senate, to be subsequently revised in the Finance Committee and then be voted on again in the Chamber of the Senate.

Source: Dinario Financiero