Local region in Idaho and Wyoming exploring geothermal for wider community use

Teton Valley news piece, screenshot
Alexander Richter 20 Nov 2020

A region across the border area of Idaho and Wyoming in the U.S. is exploring how it can utilise geothermal energy for a planned aquatic center and likely more going forward.

As reported by local news outlet LocalNews8, Teton Valley, made up of the towns of Driggs, Victor and Tetonia, Idaho, and Alta, Wyoming is exploring the option of utilising geothermal energy for a planned community aquatic center.

The region is a world-class destination for outdoor recreation including skiing, mountain biking, fishing and hiking.

Local geologist pointed to the options provided by geothermal energy and Rob Podgorney, geothermal program program manager with the INL has created a model for a geothermal well that can hopefully harness the heat from the Yellowstone hotspot and snowmelt from the Tetons to create an aquatic center for the Valley. According to his projections, this source will be sustainable and shows no decline within the next 10 years.

In the discussions, there is even mentioned the opportunity to produce electricity.

An initial engineering, design, and financial feasibility study was completed in December 2019 split the potential project into three phases. Geothermal energy could help give the community green energy and instead of operating deficit create positive cash flow.

Source: LocalNews8