Looking at geothermal and a look forward – interview with William Harvey, POWER Engineers

William Harvey, POWER Engineers (left) in the interview with ThinkGeoEnergy (video screenshot)
Alexander Richter 14 Nov 2019

A great pleasure to interview William Harvey of POWER Engineers at the GRC Annual Meeting in September 2019. Interesting discussion about the GeoVison report, the opportunities and challenges in geothermal today and more.

In an interview series I took at the 2019 GRC Annual Meeting in Palm Springs, I got the chance to talk to William (Bill) Harvey, Project Engineer with POWER Engineers.

Talking about a recent GRC Award he received, we talk about POWER Engineers and its role in the industry. We then talk about the GeoVision report by the U.S. Department of Energy and the great content thereof not only in the context of the U.S.  You can find details and the report on this website.

Making the discussion richer on all the elements that geothermal energy has to offer has been an important element and value of the report.

During the GRC meetings, Bill and I sat together on a panel discussion on opportunities and challenges for the geothermal energy industry and we pick up on those discussion in the interview. Talking direct use, economies of scale discussing small vs. large scale development, the example of small units both good and challenging ones, but also what key markets are for the near future.

Always appreciate the thoughts of Bill Harvey, who has been also vocal on LinkedIn and beyond sharing his view on things. Have a look at the interview here below.

If you have some comments, chip in would be looking forward hearing from you.

Thank you to Bill and the POWER Engineers’ team on their work in the geothermal energy industry.