Meet us at the GeoTHERM expo & congress in Offenburg/ Germany – 14-15 February 2019

Meet us at the GeoTHERM expo & congress in Offenburg/ Germany – 14-15 February 2019 Meet at GeoTHERM expo & congress, 14-15 February 2019
Alexander Richter 4 Feb 2019

ThinkGeoEnergy and its partner Enerchange will be represented at the upcoming geoTHERM expo & congress in Offenburg/ Germany under the label, our collaborative efforts on specialised and focused geothermal energy events.

The GeoTHERM expo & congress in Offenburg/ Germany is only ten days away. Starting with the IEA/ IGA Baltic Sea Geothermal Symposium as a pre- side event, the trade show and congress will take place 14-15 February 2019.

This year under the label of, a collaboration of Enerchange from Germany and ThinkGeoEnergy, we will have a booth. You will find us close to the congress hall for the deep geothermal sessions.

Under we are formalising a partnership that started with our first IGC Turkey event held in 2016. We have since started to operate as a Turkish geothermal news platform, have introduced IGC Invest Geothermal – a new geothermal finance & investment forum and working on various other collaborative projects. The efforts also bring ThinkGeoEnergy, as the leading international geothermal news platform, closer to, the main German geothermal news outlet.

More details on our collaboration will be shared in the near future.

In Offenburg, we will be introducing our events for 2019:

  • IGC Invest Geothermal – Geothermal Finance & Investment Forum – Frankfurt/ Germany – 28 March 2019
  • IGC Islands Azores – Geothermal on Islands – Terceira/ Azores – 15-16 May 2019
  • IGC Turkey– Turkish Geothermal Congress – Izmir/ Turkey – 6-8 November 2019

We will also offering specific discounts for the events, when you register on site.

ThinkGeoEnergy might also be taking some interviews at the booth.

We also invite you for some Prosecco on our booth, so make sure to stop by if you are there.

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