Mexico to hold 2nd power auction September 2016

Mexico to hold 2nd power auction September 2016 Avenida de la Reforma, Mexico City, Mexico (source: flickr/ Enrique Dans, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 3 May 2016

Mexico will announce winners of 2nd auction for long-term power generation contracts, including geothermal.

Reported locally, Mexico will announces winners of the second auction for long-term electricity power generation contracts, September 30, 2016 as announced by the Ministry of Energy (SENER)

Following the same model as for the first auction, private sector firms will be competing for long-term contracts with state utility CFE, which can also participate as generator.

Open to renewable energy technologies it is aimed at diversify the energy mix of the country. It is open to geothermal bids as well.

Source: Business News Americas