MOU on development of up to 500 MW signed in Uganda

MOU on development of up to 500 MW signed in Uganda Kasese, Kaberole, Uganda (source: CleanSource Energy Partners)
Alexander Richter 23 Apr 2013

Cleansource Energy Partners signs MOU with Ugandan Minister of Energy for electricity production of up to 500 MW from its geothermal concessions in Uganda, Africa.

American company Cleansource Energy Partners-Uganda announced in a release yesterday, “that it has secured a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) from the Ugandan Minister of Energy for electricity to be produced on all three concession areas held by the company, which total approximately 400 square kilometers.

“We are thankful to the minister, her office and the attorney general who has blessed this MOU for their continued support of our impending projects, and the transparency by which all business has been conducted”, said Mark T. Haarer, Managing Partner of CSEP-Uganda. “By approving this MOU our company has reached another milestone in what we like to consider a true partnership with the Ugandan people, a partnership that will bring much needed reliable, renewable geothermal energy to homes and businesses across this beautiful country”.

CSEP-Uganda has worked hard to secure concessions in the following areas: Rwagimba (western Uganda), Obongi and Amuru Attiti. The company has retained the services of Bowman Geothermal, a division of leading U.S. engineering firm Bowman Consulting. The company will be conducting all of the field analysis and overseeing all drilling activity throughout the feasibility phase of development. “We are seeing tremendous energy capability being created around the world with geothermal solutions,” said Justin Mahlmann, executive in charge of Bowman’s geothermal practice. “Clients continue to reach out to us to learn more about how they can leverage geothermal capabilities, and Bowman is proud to partner with CSEP-Uganda and the people of Uganda on this project.”

The next round of field analysis is in the planning stage. While CSEP-Uganda is eager to begin building projects and producing energy, it places as a priority the idea of partnership. “CleanSource Energy Partners-Uganda is a small company with a big heart”, says Ugandan National and CSEP-Uganda Managing Partner, Mbuga Nassour: “I understood and respected from day one that this company places a premium on giving back to the communities where it does business. In this case, the company has already committed to contribute 10 percent of all net revenues – through local CSEP-Uganda Community Advisory Councils – to bettering or expanding on the needs of communities in these concession areas.”

Source: Company release