Netherlands: Invitation to project proposals (call for proposals) on geo energy research

Drilling rig on site on Bergschenhoek project site, Netherlands (source: Zublin)
Alexander Richter 18 Jul 2020

TKI New Gas issues call for proposals for research on innovations for geothermal energy, underground energy storage and storage of CO2 with total funding available of up to EUR 2.5 million or max. EUR 500,000 per project.

In a release shared yesterday, TKI New Gas in the Netherlands has shared an Invitation to project proposals (call for proposals) in the Geo Energy research area.

The Dutch government has the ambition to switch to an energy supply in which greenhouse gas emissions, in particular CO2 and CH4, are reduced to zero around 2050. The TKI New Gas, and in a broader sense the Top Sector Energy, wants to play a facilitating role. play to develop and accelerate the innovations required for this transition to a sustainable energy supply.

Because the subsurface plays an important role in this, for example in the areas of geothermal energy, underground energy storage and storage of CO2, the Geo-Energy program line focuses on innovations that focus specifically on the safe and sustainable use of the deep subsurface for energy production and energy storage. It does this by developing, testing, demonstrating and implementing knowledge and innovative techniques. Important conditions for this type of innovation are that they focus on the use of the subsurface with minimal impact on the environment and the living environment and maximum safety of operations. TKI Nieuw Gas therefore invites project proposals that specifically focus on the Geo Energy research area for the energy transition.

This call for project proposals focuses on the use of the deep subsurface for sustainable energy production (such as geothermal energy) and energy storage. For various applications, there are uncertainties with regard to costs and risks, and questions about the safety of production and storage play a major role. The important preconditions for these types of questions and the innovations proposed for this purpose through a project proposal are that they contribute to a reduction of costs, an increase in efficiency, a reduction of risks and an increase in transparency and safety for one or more sustainable applications in the subsurface. the energy transition. In terms of positioning in the innovation chain, this concerns TRL3 – TRL6. Although it is expected that underground activities up to a depth of 4 km will develop (further) first, the call has no restriction when it comes to a maximum depth that should focus on.

Some important information:

  • The TKI New Gas makes a total of EUR 2.5 million in budget available
  • Project proposals receive a maximum contribution of EUR 500,000
  • Opening call: July 15, 2020
  • Closing 1st round (Expression of Interest): October 6, 2020, 5 PM
  • Opening 2nd round (Full project proposal): October 13, 2020, 5 PM
  • Call closing: 24 November 2020, 5 p.m.
  • The PPP supplement scheme applies
  • An expert and independent expert committee assesses each submitted Expression of Interest (1st round) and all project proposals (2nd round). Their judgment is binding
  • Project proposals are assessed on four criteria: Contribution to the objective, chance of success, degree of innovation, quality of the project

For all other information, we refer to this appendix.

An NL-language and EN-language form are available for submitting an Expression of Interest.

For questions you can send an email to

Source: Topsector Energie