Nevada to power data center with solar and geothermal

Nevada to power data center with solar and geothermal Steamboat Springs plant of Ormat, Nevada (source: Commons/ Wikimedia)
Francisco Rojas 16 Jul 2015

The servers from Switch will be powered by solar during the day and geothermal during the night.

Companies are seeing the value of using renewable energy, like Las Vegas data center company Switch which has reached a compromise with power company NV Energy to “go green”.

Switch is a major consumer of electricity in Nevada and has been looking into leaving NV Energy in order to source all their electricity needs from renewable sources. After 8 months of debates, NV Energy will build a 100 MW solar array park to feed the needs of Switch during the day and use geothermal power at night and on days with not enough sunlight.

According to local sources, “the company will pay a premium to use the renewable energy and will no longer purchase power from carbon emitting sources.”

“We plan on being 100 percent green immediately,” Adam Kramer, Switch’s vice president of government affairs, said.

This is great news and we hope this creates a trend for other firms.

Source: Las Vegas Sun