New assessment of geothermal potential in South America

New assessment of geothermal potential in South America Glacier Perito Moreno Pcia de St. Cruz, Argentina (source: flickr/ Riomanso, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 2 Dec 2014

A new research paper is now freely available and provides new data for 1417 localities for purposes of assessing geothermal resources in South America.

A new research paper has been recently published that “Updated data for 1417 localities have been assembled for purposes of assessments of geothermal resources in South America. Analyses of these data sets have allowed improved estimates of geothermal resource base and recoverable resources for thirteen countries in the continent”

The title is “Advances in Assessment of Geothermal Resources of South America” and has been written by Fabio Pinto Vieira, Valiya Mannathal Hamza, affiliated to the Observatório Nacional/MCT, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This new paper once again reflects on the vast geothermal potential to be exploited in South America yet small development has happened in recent time; mostly due to financing and regulatory issues.

The paper also provides with some interesting conclusions regarding the most active geothermal areas, since “the results of such estimates are currently being considered for planning large-scale exploitation of the Guarani aquifer system, which spans over large areas of western Uruguay, northern Argentina and southern Brazil.”

To access the paper, please follow the link

Source: Scientific Research