New “eco”-district in Paris, France to be fully heated by geothermal energy

Geothermally heated eco-district of Clichy Batignolles, Paris/ France (source: video screenshot)
Alexander Richter 18 Nov 2018

Work is ongoing for the new eco-district in Paris, France which will be fully heated by geothermal energy.

Built on a former railway wasteland, the eco-district Clichy Batignolles in the city of Paris/ France is entirely heated by geothermal energy. We previously reported on the project.

The project derives hot water from a water carrying zone under ground, pumps it to the surface to be used for central district heating.

Parts of the area are already heated by geothermal, but construction of this innovative neighborhood is ongoing and will – when done – have 400 housing units, 140,000 m2 of offices, a new courthouse and a police station. The project will be completed in 2020.


Source: La Tribune