New entity servicing geochemical needs for Turkey’s geothermal sector

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Alexander Richter 19 Oct 2020

Involved from the kick-off of the growth of Turkey's geothermal sector, Mark Stapleton has worked internationally providing much needed geochemical engineering services. In this presentation he shares details on TPC Technology and its team on site in Izmir serving the Turkish and regional sector.

Deriving geothermal waters for geothermal projects around the world involves some technical challenges, not just in drilling but also in corrosion and scaling of wells drilled.

Therefore chemical engineering has played an important role for geothermal projects around the world, also in Turkey. Through the years we met with Mark Stapleton, Owner and Founder of PowerChem, so we were keen to hear on his new venture TPC Technology.

The company is building upon its strong experience and heritage on supporting and growing with Turkey’s geothermal sector. So it was definitely timely and interesting to hear what the company is up to in the Turkish market and the wider region.

The company has established itself with production facilities and a very capable team.