New geothermal field at Kirklareli, Turkiye has strong tourism potential

New geothermal field at Kirklareli, Turkiye has strong tourism potential Geothermal resource in Kirklareli, Turkiye (source: Kirklareli Governorship)
Carlo Cariaga 16 Jan 2023

The Deputy Minister of Tourism of Turkiye visited the new Kirklareli geothermal project to engage with stakeholders on the project's tourism potential.

The tourism potential of the newly discovered geothermal resource in Kirklareli, Turkiye is now being explored with the visit of Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Nadir Alpaslan. Discussions with various tourism stakeholders were done during the visit to further the tourism industry in the region.

Kirklareli Governor Birol Ekici had announced the discovery of the new resource in the Asilbeyli neighborhood, approximately 5 kilometers away from the Kirklareli city center, in late 2022. Drilling was done to a depth of 1500 meters, tapping hot fluid at a temperature of 57 degrees Celsius and flowrate of 30 L/sec via compressor. The well has an artesian production at 4 L/sec.

“We held various events with our tourism stakeholders. We can use Kirklareli’s tourism potential more effectively and efficiently. We have worked on how we can carry the tourism that developed after the pandemic further in this region,” said Deputy Minister Alpaslan during his visit.

“Kirklareli has very important potential as it is right next to Istanbul, very close to Istanbul Airport, and an entrance gate in the Balkans. Our province of Kirklareli has the most beautiful natural beauty in Turkey. There are great tourism potentials such as Igneada and Kiyikoy. It has historical and archaeological potential. Evaluating all these, we held their meetings and studies on how to carry the potential of our region further. The geothermal unearthed in this region is also a good example of the development of tourism and agriculture. We will see them on the spot and see how we can use them in tourism,” added Alpaslan.

Source: Basak Gazetesi via our Turkish language platform JeotermalHaberler