Geothermal resource discovered in Kirklareli, Turkiye

Geothermal resource discovered in Kirklareli, Turkiye Geothermal resource in Kirklareli, Turkiye (source: Kirklareli Governorship)
Carlo Cariaga 9 Nov 2022

A new geothermal resource suitable for greenhouse heating and tourism has been discovered in the City of Kirklareli in Turkiye.

The first geothermal resource in the region of Thrace was found in 2014 in Asilbeyli village by the General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA). Now, the Governor of Kirklareli in Turkiye announced that they have made investigations in the geothermal drilling area and stated that they found a new geothermal resource at 1370 meters depth at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.

It is planned to use the resource for greenhouse heating, the installation of which has been started on ??54-decare area in the region by an investor company.

“With the geothermal resource, Kirklareli will be the capital of tourism, greenhouse cultivation and geothermal energy in Thrace. Our most productive wells have been discovered in this region. I really can’t imagine the change and transformation he will make in our city. For once, we are very close to the Istanbul market. We will see together that this region will become the center of greenhouse cultivation, geothermal hotels, and geothermal energy as soon as possible.” said Kirklareli Governor Birol Ekici in an interview.

Inviting investors to the region, Ekici reminded that MTA continues to search for geothermal resources in many parts of Thrace and said, “60 degrees is really important. 5 liters comes out as artesian by itself. We can take up to 25 liters of supply. Our trials continue.”

Kirklareli Agriculture and Forestry Director Mehmet Aksoy stated that the city will be strengthened with geothermal resources in greenhouse cultivation. “We aim to produce 50 tons to 60 tons of tomatoes per 500 decares and include them in our export program. Since we do the heating at a very low cost, our profitability rate will increase. There is very dense thermal water in this basin of Kirklareli. In the work we do here, we work with zero waste. We return the hot water to the place where it comes out with a deep discharge.”

T.R. Kirklareli Governorship shared the drilling video and the interview with Governor Birol Ekici, both of which can be viewed via this link.

Source: Anadolu Agency via our Turkish language platform JeotermalHaberler