New hope for a revival of Mauerstetten project in Bavaria, Germany

Hekla Energy drilling rig at Mauerstetten, Germany (source: Iceland Drilling)
Alexander Richter 14 Apr 2016

A recent land lease agreement creates hope for a possible revival of the Mauerstetten geothermal project by company Exorka in Bavaria, Germany.

The Mauerstetten geothermal power project in Bavaria, Germany, was a promising project with Icelandic involvement that unfortunately did not succeed with its drilling campaign.

The company Exorgy had put a lot of work and millions of Euros into the project in the geothermal fields between Kaufbeuren and Mauerstetten in Ostallgäu, Bavaria.

Two wells were drilled to a depth of nearly 4,000 meters and a lot of data collected, but the amount of water was not sufficient to continue the project. In the nearer past there have been discussions on a possible research project that could revive the wells drilled.

There are now talks about a recent land lease agreement between Mauerstetten and Exorka, which could indicate a new attempt at drilling. 

Source: Das Allgäu Online