New JV to push geothermal around Lausanne, Switzerland

New JV to push geothermal around Lausanne, Switzerland Lake view, Lausanne, Switzerland (source: flickr/ Tristan Schmurr, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 1 Jul 2021

New joint venture to explore geothermal resources for district heating around the city of Lausanne, Switzerland.

Swiss energy company Romande Energie has founded the joint venture Geool together with Services industriels de Lausanne (SiL) and Service Intercommunal de l’Electricité (SIE). This is intended to tap geothermal resources in and around the city of Lausanne through water sources, as stated in a joint communication from the partners today. Half of the joint venture will be owned by SiL, Romande Energie will hold 30 percent of the shares and SIE 20 percent.

Water geothermal resources are one of the most promising types of renewable energy and do not cause greenhouse gas emissions, it is said. They are removed by taking hot water from the rock by means of boreholes, using it and returning it once it has cooled down.

Geool will begin drilling to determine which locations are best for the plans, according to the announcement. Then up to two geothermal production plants would be built to supply the district heating networks with hot water and use it to heat buildings.

Lausanne also lies on the Lake of Geneva (Lac Léman) not far from Geneva, which has its own geothermal project we have been reporting about.