New Renewable Energy Research Association, YENADER, established in Turkey

New Renewable Energy Research Association, YENADER, established in Turkey Özmen-3 Geothermal Power Plant, Manisa, Turkey (source: EGESIM)
Alexander Richter 20 Jul 2020

YENADER that will work on expanding the use of renewable energy sources such as solar, geothermal, wind, and biomass and protecting the natural environment, will be chaired by Professor. Dr. Kerem Alkin.

As reported by our Turkish language service, JeotermalHaberler, a new Renewable Energy Research Association, called YENADER, has been established in order to operate in the fields of ensuring the efficient and widespread use of renewable energy resources and increasing their contribution to the national economy in Turkey.

According to the statement made by YENADER, management of the association will be as follows; Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin as the president, Ali Karaduman as the vice president and Energy Systems Specialist Dr. Füsun Tut Haklidir as the general secretary.

President  Alkin stated that Turkey must continue working in the field of renewable energy sources in order to continue the success which is presented by great strides in recent years..

Alkin highlighted that besides renewable energy sources are clean and sustainable of, they also do assist the economic development of the country. Alkin continued as follows:

“With the support of YENADER, which includes scientists and industry representatives, we aim to create a cooperation environment to foresee the social, economic and ecological dimensions of the use of resources in our country at the national and international level by supporting the 6th and 13th items of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. On the other hand, we will establish a collaborative environment for the scientific necessity of renewable energy by establishing a dialogue with universities, research and development organizations, scientific institutions as well as the public.”

Source: Anadolu Ajansi via our Turkish language service JeotermalHaberler