New report shares details on how Turkey could utilise its full geothermal potential

New report shares details on how Turkey could utilise its full geothermal potential Özmen-3 Geothermal Power Plant, Manisa, Turkey (source: EGESIM)
Alexander Richter 23 Nov 2020

In a new report released this month, Turkish TÜBA-Energy Working Group shared a comprehensive overview on how Turkey could utilise its full geothermal energy potential.

Turkey Academy of Sciences (TUBA), has released a report titled Geothermal Energy Technology. The report was prepared by TÜBA-Energy Working Group by compiling the papers presented at the TÜBA – Geothermal Energy Technologies and Panel held in Afyonkarahisar on 19 – 20 February 2020, hosted by Afyon Kocatepe University, and based on current scientific studies that stand out in the literature.

As stated in the summary of the report, in the first part, energy production / consumption statistics on a global scale and specific to Turkey are presented in a comparative manner, the future projections are summarized and the prominent advantages of renewable energy applications and geothermal energy are mentioned.

In the second and third sections cover the usage areas of geothermal energy in the world and in Turkey. The studies conducted by MTA on this subject, the applications of ground source heat pump and the pilot studies on the application of geothermal energy in health tourism in are discussed in detail.

In the fourth chapter, examples of research activities carried out in the field of geothermal energy are presented. In this section, the advantages of under-building motor flow control system in district heating systems, applications to reduce the negative effects of non-condensable gases on the environment, the role of geophysical methods in the search for geothermal resources and geothermal supported multi-generation systems, and precious metal recovery methods from geothermal fluids and an example of a running application is shared.

The fifth chapter discusses the energy policies of Turkey and the development of the geothermal energy sector are evaluated. In this section, detailed discussions on geothermal environmental problems, solutions to those and the risk sharing mechanism in geothermal investments are also presented. In the last section, the steps to be taken for the effective and sustainable use of geothermal energy resources in Turkey, solutions and recommendations were comprehensively evaluated and opinions and suggestions were presented.

Finally, the report determines Turkey’s geothermal resources and steps to be taken to its full potential in a sustainable manner in order to assess versatile and recommendations listed in the following way:

  • Realization of central structuring (such as the establishment of the Geothermal Resources Department) for monitoring and controlling geothermal resources from a single source,
  • Empowering experienced personnel at all levels and organizing regular training programs,
  • Creating a National Database and collecting information in the Geothermal Database,
  • Establishment of an effective geothermal resources unit within metropolitan cities (important for local structure),
  • Preparation of “Geothermal Resources National Strategy”,
  • Structuring, execution and development of projections according to the national strategic plan,
  • Making problem-solving regulations and renewing national legislation,
  • Making improvements in existing laws and regulations,
  • Transferring the contributions to the center of the local structure for geothermal monitoring and using them for local people,
  • Informing the local people regularly and observing local / regional development,
  • Giving authority and responsibility in processes to the engineers trained in the field of geothermal,
  • Establishing mechanisms for detailed monitoring and data sharing,
  • Training of expert engineers at undergraduate and graduate levels in geothermal applications,
  • Increasing R&D studies and preparing priority area projects to encourage university / industry cooperation in this regard,
  • Developing incentive mechanisms for the holistic approach of geothermal resources,
  • Making arrangements in directives for making the penalty and sanction mechanisms for wrong practices more effective,

Full report can be reached via (in Turkish only).

Source: our Turkish language service JeotermalHaberler