New Swiss project taking seismicity concerns seriously

New Swiss project taking seismicity concerns seriously Berner Oberland, Switzerland (source: flickr/ petr cervinka, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 23 Jun 2015

The newly announced Jura EGS project will go the slow but safe route, despite of higher costs.

Geothermal development in Switzerland has had a bumpy past yet the potential is quite significant to develop a green, local and renewable energy source. News from the heart of the European continent sate that a new project is underway.

The newly announced project in Jura is planning to take a cautious approach to development. While planning stimulation efforts in its wells, similar to the project in Basel years back, it plans to use less pressure and monitor its activities quite closely.

According to a local news source “the Jura project will proceed step by step. It will create smaller cracks and pause after every new crack to analyse the data. This strategy is more expensive, but has been successful abroad.” The Basel project was abandoned after a seismic event was said to have damaged nearby houses back in 2006.

Source: Swiss Info