Oil & gas sector warming to geothermal development in the Netherlands

Oil & gas sector warming to geothermal development in the Netherlands Drilling rig on site on Bergschenhoek project site, Netherlands (source: Zublin)
Alexander Richter 12 Mar 2019

Big oil companies showing increasing interest in geothermal heating development in the Netherlands building on their experience, availability of geological data and big government ambitions.

Geothermal use in the context of greenhouse and heating projects in the Netherlands has been over the news here on our site for quite some time.

A new article published by the Petroleum Economist is going a bit deeper describing how “big oil rises to Dutch geothermal challenge”.

“Going mainstream”, geothermal energy has become a popular and cost efficient source of clean heating supply for the greenhouse sector of the Netherlands.

Companies such as Shell, Engie from France and Canadian Vermilion Energy are all looking at geothermal heat development int he country. With 30 permits sought for geothermal projects 2017 to 2018, a lot more is in the books now than over the past few years when less than 10 permits were sought.

“Today, the Netherlands is leading in Europe,” says Philippe Dumas, secretary general of the European geothermal energy council (EGEC). “The framework conditions in the Netherlands are great for developing deep geothermal projects.”

Clearly, with the great experience and history in oil and gas exploration, the Dutch geothermal development can build on an experienced industry with also great data on the country’s geology available.

With government support and push, more than 700 wells will have to be drilled to achieve set government goals for the contribution of geothermal energy for clean energy supply.

For further details, see linked article below.

Source: Petroleum Economist