Ortadogu Holding plans $250m investment in geothermal development in Turkey

Ortadogu Holding plans $250m investment in geothermal development in Turkey Mehment Gur, Ortadogu Holding
Alexander Richter 22 Jan 2020

As part of wider news on renewable energy investments of $380 million by Turkish Ortadogu Holding, the company announces that it plans investments of up to $250 million in geothermal development in Turkey.

As reported by our Turkish language service JeotermalHaberler, Turkish Ortadogu Holding has some bold investment plans for renewable energy development in 2020.

Chief Executive Officer of Ortadogu Holding, which operates in the sectors of tourism, health, energy, construction, logistics and environmental technologies, Mehmet Gür announced that he has decided to accelerate its investments and plans to invest $380 million in renewable energy in 2020.

Stating that renewable energy comes first among the sectors that they prioritize in 2020 and in the following periods, Mehmet Gür said,  “We are leaning towards renewable energy for the sake of both the vision of 2023 and the future of our country and the world. “

Gür stated that the company has four geothermal licensed fields, three of which are in Manisa and one in Kütahya in the geothermal energy field and he also added, ” In our JES (Geothermal Power Plant) projects, in which total investment value will reach $250 million dollars, we aim to generate energy starting from 24 MW and going up to 72 MW. ”

Regarding investment plans based on other renewable energy sources, Gür said,  “We are planning to invest around 130 million dollars in our four licensed areas with a total capacity of 120 MW at the Hamsi and Fener WPP (Wind Power Plant), Kocaeli Karamürsel WPP and Çankiri Cerkes WPP sites in Sinop. In addition, we will increase our installed capacity of 48.5 MW in our wind power projects. ”

Mehmet Gür who is stating that they have disposed of non-hazardous industrial wastes in Izmir Torbali, also said that his new projects in the field of environmental technologies are as follows: ” We plan to collect and process hazardous-non-hazardous waste and household waste to establish a plant to produce compost-fuel.  Our feasibility studies are continuing especially in Kocaeli and Manisa where the factories are concentrated. In addition, we have a project to make waste derived fuel (WDF)”.

Source: JeotermalHaberler

Ortado?u Holding, 2020’de yenilenebilir enerjiye 380 milyon dolar yat?r?m yapmay? planl?yor.