Pitching Geothermal – an Elevator Speech by Paul Thomsen of Ormat Technologies

Paul Thomsen at his Elevator Pitch for Geothermal, GRCAM2018 (source: screenshot, HeatPower)
Alexander Richter 5 Dec 2018

In this recorded elevator pitch for geothermal energy, Paul Thomsen of Ormat Technologies highlights the key points to be made when promoting geothermal in layman's terms and to the point. Thanks for sharing

Over the years, Paul Thomsen of Ormat Technologies has been an outspoken proponent of geothermal energy beyond Ormat. As Executive Director for Government and Regulatory Affairs, he clearly has been making the rounds in Nevada, Washington DC and beyond to promote geothermal.

Paul gave this presentation at the GRC Annual Meeting in October this year.

Key point on pitching geothermal – don’t brag on the technical aspects, get your audience involved …

Here some of the key points:

  • Geothermal is valuable and produces power 95% of the time (think baseload but in better terms)
  • It’s cost effective
  • It works well with others (yes together, not alone but complimentary)
  • No CO2 emissions (fair enough, where applicable)
  • Small environmental footprint (mentioning it is 22 times less surface disturbance than solar with the same capacity installed)


The video was shared by our good colleagues at, and a transcript is provided on their site, available via the link below.

Thanks for taping and sharing it for everyone.

Source: HeatPower