Planned transmission to deliver up to 200 MW of geothermal power to Western Kenya

Olkaria II geothermal power plant (source: UNU)
Alexander Richter 19 Jul 2019

With a new 300 km transmission line, the West of Kenya is being connected to the geothermal power plants at Olkaria with plans of connecting up to 200 MW of power capacity.

As reported by The Star in Kenya, Kenya Electricity Transmission Company is in the process of finalising a 300 km high voltage line project from Olkaria, which will facilitate access and transmission of geothermal power to the West of Kenya.

It is planned to be completed in March 2020, and then help save the country from power imports from Uganda.

“There is no geothermal power to the area due to lack of transmissions lines,” so Kenya Electricity Transmission Company managing director Fernandes Barasa Barasa said during commissioning of the Loiyangalani-Suswa transmission infrastructure project.

The power project to Western hopes to facilitate access and contribute to anticipated lower electricity bills across the country despite the excess generation charged at same tariff despite it source area.

Source: The Star